Rules and Regulations of the school


  1. All students should come to school before 07.30 am.
  2. No student is allowed to involve themselves in any cleaning duties during assembly time and all such duties should be finished before 7.30 am.
  3. Every student should assemble in ground for prayers at 7.25 am. All students should be present in hall for any occasion within the particular time.
  4. All students must remain in the classrooms from 7.50 am to 10.30 am and from 10.50 am to 1.30 pm unless they go for lessons. Loitering outside the respective classrooms during school hours is strictly prohibited. Each class will be provided with two passes. Students should have a pass to move outside the class room except going to lessons.
  5. Observing silence during a meeting is a responsibility of each and every student.
  6. Students are only allowed to come to the office during the interval and before the school starts or ends.
  7. Coloured clothes are not allowed to be brought to school unless for the purpose of a sport or co-curricular activity.
  8. Students can only buy food or drinks from the canteen before school begins, during the interval and after school.
  9. If an emergency need to buy food or drinks occurs it can be obtained with permission from a teacher.
  10. Polythene is not allowed to be brought into school.
  11. Late comers will be subjected to a punishment of running 3 rounds around the ground.
  • Late twice a week- Class teacher and grade coordinator will be informed.
  • Late continuously-Sectional heads and parents will be informed.
  1. Use of correction fluid by students is prohibited.
  2. Students should put the garbage in the garbage bin assigned for its’ type.
  3. Cell phones, cameras, digital music players, pen drives and compact discs are not allowed to be brought to school.
  4. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any student whose behavior in public would bring the school into disrepute. This should be kept in mind by all students wherever they may be, e.g.; when traveling in public conveyances, attending functions etc.




  • Students should come to school in a neat, ironed, good conditioned uniform.
  • Uniform should be equal to the knee-length.
  • Uniform belt should be in a medium size and shouldn’t be low waist and tight.
  • No student is allowed to enter or exit the school in any other attire.
  • Students who are practicing any sports can enter the school with sports dress only before 6.45 am.
  • Students who have sat Ordinary Level examination and waiting for the admission can use the Vembadi t-shirt when it is necessary. But only plain black skirt is allowed to be worn as the bottom.
  • Students are not allowed to walk around in the school premises, dressed in sports attire.


Hair style

  • Hair should be combed and plaited into two plaits, using a center division.
  • Only yellow and black colour wool bands can be used and ribbon should be the one which is sold in our school book stall.
  • No further styles can be found in hair like style cuts.
  • Students whose hair is adequate to plait and fold should do it, and students whose hairs are not long enough to plait can use a ribbon in their hair.
  • Only small black clips can be used.


     Shoes and socks

  • White, neat and good conditioned shoes should be worn.
  • Only lace and sticking types of shoes are accepted, nurse shoe and net shoe are not allowed.
  • No slippers or sandals will be allowed unless any serious medical issues are submitted to the particular teacher in charge even in such instances, only black colour slippers and sandals are allowed.



  • Only gold earrings should be worn to school. Imitation earrings, silver earrings, gypsies, chains, rings or any items of jewelry are not allowed to be worn at school and will be confiscated if not accompanied by a permission letter. The permission letter should be carried with bearer at all times.
  • Students are only allowed to use small watches with black bar only.

No cosmetics and stylistic things can be found in a student who is in school attire; nail polish, mehandi, makes up and eyebrow shaping are strictly prohibited. Nails should be cut short and clean.


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