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Our school has re-accrediting with ISA (International School Award) of British Council. Among nine projects, the grade nine students engaged with “Discover the dairy”, a collaborative project done with ‘Vishwa Vidyapeeth, Bangalore’ which was based on milk production all over the world.

Here some feedback of our students,

Tharmitha Anandaratnam - 9 F

I am Miss. Tharmitha Anandaratnam; I would like to share my experience with this project. First, I was not interested but scared about this project because I didn’t know so many things about dairy products and cattle rearing.

But, I searched on the topic of this project; I found I had a good chance to improve my knowledge on this topic. I found facts about organic milk. Organic milk contains same nutrients as conventional milk, including vitamin D, potassium, calcium, etc. Although studies have suggested organic milk has higher levels of antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids. Before working in this project I didn’t know about organic milk. But when I read articles, I was amazed about this. We made power point presentations and engaged in a skype session too.

Here are some new facts i leant: as of 2015, researchers haven’t reached a consensus on whether organic milk promote health benefits. Next I searched about our country milk factory Victoria. DBV is a purpose build food manufacturing facility in January 2008 0n 8th 250m of land.

The facility occupies 3300m of ware housing, production and corporate offices and has a production capacity around 12000 MTS annum. DBV is conveniently located at the Wyndham industrial estate.

DBV is a manufacturer of dry blended dairy powders for the bakery, confectionery and nutritional industries produced within a strictly sanitized and quality control environment. After reading about Victoria manufacturing Factory I knew dairy production is a major part of our country’s business.

At last I can say it was a good experience for me and our school students to improve their talents and to learn more things around the world on Dairy production. It was a nice experience!

Sadhana Sivayokan - 9F

I am Sadhana and I’d like to share my experience of the project through this media. It had been a bit boring working on this particular topic since it’s not that interesting but once I’ve started searching for information it appeared to be full of facts.

For example when I first searched on the heading cattle rearing, there were so many links and I went through most of them to realize that there are many facts regarding that all over the world .I went through many other websites and found so many details about cattle farming and milk production in Sri Lanka that I haven’t heard from anyone. It was both interesting and surprising to find about what happens in Sri Lanka in a popular industry like dairy.

The other countries like America and Australia they also have different ways of doing dairy industries so, I got to know more about them on the first time. It was so interesting to compare notes with those countries and Sri Lanka. Even though they were different in many ways I still felt good knowing about them.

I did interesting activities and the skype session was the best one. All over I learned about cattle rearing, milk production, dairy products, milk cows and so many stuff regarding the heading all over the world. It was even interesting to read about the factories than others since there were facts regarding how they produce a dairy product. The one I specifically liked was the Dairy Best Victoria factory in Australia which had many web links of its own so that I was able to gain more about them.

While I was searching I even found other connecting facts like the Jallikattu protest and the real reasons and how they effect on dairy industry. It was good to know the truth about all that protest and stuff so that I don’t have to imagine something which is terribly wrong with the subject.

All I can say as a conclusion is that I learned a lot through this topic and it was factual too. Most of all it was a very good experience.

Thank you.



All Island Novices Table Tennis Championship organized by Jaffna District Table Tennis Association on  26th, 27th December 2017 at J/Central College. The following students won the awards. Miss. R.Kithursana won the under 21 champion and Miss.M.Laxshiga won the under 15 champion. At the same time T.Luxshika,  N.Sivajanani, R.Vithyaragaviand K.Shanavialso won the awards in the above competition.



Vembadi Girls' High School won the 3rd place in the national level Physical Training competition held recently in Colombo. It is  a remarkable achievement as they managed to secure bronze among the 17 schools participated from different parts of the country.


Dear Parents,

This is for your attention please, we have planned to conduct the meeting regarding the above subject those who attended the scholarship exam in 2017 and got the marks 161 or above on 31st of December 2017 at 10 a.m in our school main hall. Parents are invited to attend this meeting without fail and also request to ensure your admission before 08th of January 2018.  

Thank you.

Our Founder's Day & Prize Day was held on 29.06.2017 at Mable Thambiah hall. Dr. U.G.Yasantha Abeysundara (Director, School works, Ministry of Education) graced the occasion as chief guest. While remembering the great service of the founder Rev.Dr.Peter Percival, the students were awarded prizes and certificates for achieving heights. The gold medals and memorial prizes also awarded to the winners belong to various categories. 


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